My name is Robert. I'm Husband, Father, Founder of Archipanel (🇵🇱), Programmer and Jedi Knight.

I work as a frontend and mobile developer. After hours I’m saving the universe in the name of the Jedi Order. It’s also OK for me to switch my X-Wing to good coffee and book (or UF).

In the past, I spoke at conferences and conducted inner workshops. Right now, I want to extend my activity to blogging.

My mission is to spread the knowledge about JavaScript and TypeScript used in different enviroments, including web browsers or mobile devices; in different approaches, like functional. I want to treat this place as a notebook and playground for my experiments. I hope you will find something interesting here. If you want to let me know about this - don't hesitate and contact me any time!

Please take a seat, grab a coffee, and feel comfortable on my website.