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[Expo] Android notifications are not received in-app when it's closed

Since Expo has released SDK 40, we are obligate to migrate to submodule expo-notifications. It is the right way of development, but this library seems to have some problems, which we have to face up to.

[Expo] "Could not find APNs credentials" problem

Unfortunately, from time to time, I face some problems with my credentials for PUSH notifications. When I try to send PUSH through Expo PUSH Broadcaster, it responds with an error "Could not find APNs credentials for {bundleIdentifier} (@{user}/{app_slug}). You may need to generate or upload new push credentials". When I am writing this - I have no idea why it is happening, but I know how to fix it fast.

Building standalone Expo apps with Github Actions

Some time ago, I wrote an article, how to build standalone apps with Expo. It's not a very complicated process, but if you lack knowledge about DevOps, you could be a bit confused. So, I was looking for a solution: how to make it easier. Unexpectedly, Github extended a helping hand by providing Github Actions - easy to configure set for CI and CD for projects based on their repositories. I've checked it, and it works great!

[Expo] Test PUSH notifications faster

I prepared a small extension for all Expo and VS Code users. We can use our IDE to send a request to Expo PUSH broadcaster without any other tools.

[Expo / ReactNative] 4 steps to run PUSH notifications on iOS simulator

Apple released new Xcode with new, shiny simulator. And thanks for that, we can now test our PUSH notifications without real device!