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How TypeScript guards react components

Some time ago we discussed discriminated unions as a super-feature of TypeScript which helps in keeping business rules straight in the code. Here is how we can transform this idea into React ecosystem. Let’s make sure our components are used in the right way. Unlimited variants as a highway to…

Here’s why I’m not excited about JavaScript types

A few weeks ago, the news that JavaScript would finally have its type system came like a bolt from the blue. A team whose members are, among others, responsible for creating TypeScript prepared a document proposing to introduce typing into JavaScript. The environment, excited about such a turn of…

How union let me sleep tight

Discriminated Union is my one of the most favorite mechanisms delivered by TypeScript. Maybe you are not aware, but unions are perfect for modeling business domain inside your application. In this post, I will show you, how to make your code typed stronger and more business oriented. Simple model…

json-server, best friend of solitude startuper

Prototyping idea is crucial part of building application. You can check if your product works and meet future client's requirements. It's easy to handle, when you are in a big team, with many developers on board. But how to handle it, when you work solo?

Building standalone Expo apps with Github Actions

Some time ago, I wrote an article, how to build standalone apps with Expo. It's not a very complicated process, but if you lack knowledge about DevOps, you could be a bit confused. So, I was looking for a solution: how to make it easier. Unexpectedly, Github extended a helping hand by providing Github Actions - easy to configure set for CI and CD for projects based on their repositories. I've checked it, and it works great!

[Expo / ReactNative] 4 steps to run PUSH notifications on iOS simulator

Apple released new Xcode with new, shiny simulator. And thanks for that, we can now test our PUSH notifications without real device!